The Scripture Investigation Course is a mail-order Bible study program consisting of 28 lessons, graded in difficulty, and provided free to those who request it. It is designed to give beginning students a brief but thorough introduction to the Bible, to Jesus Christ, and to basic principles of Christian living and service. In addition, we ask our volunteers to take it as a refresher course in "core" doctrines. It is a "tool of the craftsman" that is effective in helping new believers grow in their knowledge of God. It was developed by Follow Up Ministries in 1956 and has been used by many thousands of students over the years. It is available in English, Spanish and Russian at this time.

Why Is This Important?

Its purpose is to offer the prisoner help in personal investigation, or "searching" of the Scriptures. As an extension, it serves as a silent teacher for the student, a resource he or she can tap into during the long hours when he does not have access to the chapel or its teaching programs. Its focus is "investigating" Scripture oneself, much as the early Berean Christians "examined the Scriptures daily." Its goal is to establish the young Christian in the Word, helping to develop a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, to sustain him as he walks through his personal "valley of the shadow of death, and to help him learn how to feed his own sour from the Word of God for the rest of his life."

How is It administered?

The prisoner receives two lessons at a time, each a single leaflet containing questions, Bible references, instruction and memory verses. Using his own Bible, the student writes down concise answers in his own words, and memorizes the two optional verses recommended with each lesson. He puts the lessons in the self-addressed envelope which we provide, puts a stamp on it, and mails it to our Home Office in Castro Valley. There it is graded by knowledgeable volunteers who record the scores. They return the studies to the student, along with the next two lessons. The course can follow the student as he or she moves through the system, and to his home when that time comes. An attractive, gold-sealed certificate is awarded upon completion of the 28 lessons. We invite prisoners to enroll their wives and sweethearts in the program as well (at no charge).

What Does the Course Contain?

Four Sections make up the series.

The course is available to all who request it. There is no charge for the course. If you wish to enroll, you may write to us at: P.O. Box 2514, Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA (be sure to include your prisoner ID number) or use our online request form.

I. Investigating the Gospel of John:
  • Lesson #1: "Salvation"
  • Lesson#2: "Assurance of Salvation"
  • Lesson #3: "The Word of God"
  • Lesson #4: "Christian Living"
II. Investigating Our Life in Christ:
  • Lesson #1: "Meeting Temptation"
  • Lesson #2: "Christian Growth"
  • Lesson #3: "God's Word in the Christian Life"
  • Lesson #4: "Prayer in the Christian Life"
  • Lesson #5: "The Christian Testimony"
  • Lesson #6: "Witnessing of Christ"
III. Investigating the Teachings of the Bible
  • Lesson #1: "The Word...Completeness..."
  • Lesson #2: "The Word...Effective Study"
  • Lesson #3: "Satan"
  • Lesson #4: "God"
  • Lesson #5: "Jesus Christ Existence, Incarnation"
  • Lesson #6: "Jesus Christ -- for Us"
  • Lesson #7: "Jesus Christ...His Coming"
  • Lesson #8: "Holy Spirit"
IV. Investigating Christian Character
  • Lesson #1: "Understanding Christian Character
  • Lesson #2: "Spiritual Development"
  • Lesson #3: "Fruitful Christian Living"
  • Lesson #4: "Humility"
  • Lesson #5: "Love"
  • Lesson #6: "Basic Attitudes"
  • Lesson #7: "Integrity"
  • Lesson #8: "The Tongue"
  • Lesson #9: "Generosity"
  • Lesson #10:"Lord of All"

Where to Send Completed Lessons for Grading?

Unless there is a representative of Follow Up Ministries in your area who will grade and return your lessons to you with the next two lessons for you to complete, you should send completed lessons to:

Follow Up Ministries Int’l.
P O Box 2514
Castro Valley CA 94546

Please let us know when you have a change of address so we can keep your lessons coming to you. God bless you as you study His word!

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