Follow Up Ministries has been ministering to the spiritual needs of men, women and youth for 60 years. Our emphasis has always been on discipleship. Many ministries go into prisons to evangelize but very few follow up and teach how to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. Not only do we want to bring men and women to a saving knowledge of Him, but we also want them to grow in their faith, reproducing what they have learned in the lives of their cellmate, their family and their friends.

With this in mind we have started a Pen Pal Program. The program is designed to provide a spiritual mentor and friend to incarcerated men and women. Our desire is to walk with those who are incarcerated on their spiritual journey and help them develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Pen Pal Ministry is for Christian men and women to serve inmates with regular correspondence by mail. Inmates need Christians to communicate with; they have questions, prayer requests, and most of all – they need you to proclaim the Gospel. Men correspond with men and women with women. If you are interested in serving this way, please contact us. We will provide for you the necessary guidelines so as to guide you through the process.

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