Mary Lou Rodriguez

I started volunteering with Follow up ministries in 1995, after taking a 5-day orientation class with Glenn Morrison. Immediately after the class the director, James Coleman, invited us to come and minister at camp Sweeney behind Juvenile Hall. I went on to minister at Glenn E. Dyer in Oakland and Santa Rita in Dublin which was the beginning to my blessings in this wonderful fulfilling ministry.

It has been such a blessing to be a part of the staff and work part-time in the Follow Up office as well as a volunteer in the prison system. I became Area Director after James Coleman stepped down for retirement and was soon after invited to be on the board in 2008.

I am also a part of the Prayer Breakfast team with Anthony Woods. This is God's ministry. He has promised to supply our needs and we must TRUST HIM! Our battles may be spiritual; physical; mental; and or financial BUT by the Holy Spirit, all will be won in prayer! We pray that our focus will always be kept on the Lord. We pray for God's motivation. We pray for people to respond to Christ by supplying His ministry financially and most of all prayerfully. The journey with follow up ministries has been such a great blessing. Knowing you’re doing God’s will by being a minister to His people. Encouraging, praying, studying, memorizing, and ministering for the Glory of God and helping others take the steps to salvation. We do the watering and our God does the increasing!

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